The Fields Is Alive

There's Atiyah's Conjecture and Brockett's Condition,
Chorin's Projection and Kostant's Partition;
Arnol'd Diffusion is something to see,
But Marsden-dash-Weinstein Reduction's for me.

Fluid Mechanics and Hopf Bifurcations,
Manifolds, Tensors, and their Applications,
Global Analysis and Symmetry,
All of them textbooks by Marsden, J. E.

You may know Bloch or know Knobloch (er, nonrecursively),
But Jerry knows all of my favorite things
From Physica series D.


Nobody's impact's as lasting as Jerry's,
It's not just a phase like Cartan-Hannay-Berry's,
From semiclassical monodromy
To averaging Euler anisotropy.

From Princeton to Berkeley, Cornell to Torontoo,
Caltech is the place he's most recently gone to.
With Max Planck and Wiener Awards on his shelf,
Who could I mean but J. Eldon himself?

Tudor Ratiu jumps out at you as a clever guy,
But Jerry's proved all of my favorite things -
Why should I even try?

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry.

Lyrics and guitar arrangement by Scott Kelly
Concept and vocals by Scott Kelly and Jim Radford
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